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How Fitted Bedrooms Can Make the Most of Your Space

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We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, it’s that one place we can go to shut the world out and relax now and again. So with this in mind it’s only fair that we want our bedrooms to be beautifully decorated, clean and clutter free.

However we’re all guilty of treating our bedrooms like a bit of a dumping ground, filling it full of clothes, shoes, suitcases, and just general jumble. Before you know it your room has gone from an oasis to a chaotic space filled with clutter, mismatched furniture and badly fitting storage! But don’t worry, this can all be remedied with a professional eye and some beautifully crafted bedroom furniture.

Here’s the Plan

With a huge range of designs to choose from, classical to contemporary, modern to traditional, you’re sure to find just the style to suit you. Once you know what look you want for your new bedroom, the next step is to find a professional designer who can come to your home and look over the specifications of your room before designing furniture that will perfectly match suit the space you have.

Fitted bedrooms are the best way of utilising the maximum amount of space in your room, furniture can be custom made to fit the dimensions to ensure no corners or awkward sloping ceilings cause any space to be wasted.

The End Result…

You will be left with a beautiful bedroom which can once again be that serene oasis you have always dreamed off. All those shoes and clothes can be tucked away in the wardrobe, all the make-up, accessories and gadgets can be hidden away in drawers and you can once again have a clutter free zone to relax in.

Here at Premiere Bedrooms and Kitchens we are the experts when it comes to turning cluttered and dysfunctional bedrooms in West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the surrounding areas into a beautiful retreat anyone would be proud of.

Be sure to browse our gallery to give you an insight into the stunning fitted bedrooms we could create for you and for more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0121 557 1903.

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